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Cloud Management

You’ve successfully completed the cloud migration of your platforms and optimized your CloudOps processes to enhance your daily operations. Unfortunately, it’s not because your applications no longer reside on physical servers located in your offices that they don’t need maintenance, quite the contrary… Everything that’s in the cloud must also be the subject of meticulous attention and our cloud management services offer you this peace of mind!

Choose From Three Options

When it comes to maintaining and managing your PaaS and serverless cloud-managed applications, you have three options:

  1. Support them internally by hiring experts, training them in a field that is evolving at high speed, providing them with the necessary tools
  2. Entrust them to multiple suppliers with whom you will have to agree and negotiate separately on a regular basis, clearly delimiting the responsibilities of each party
  3. Call on a single trusted partner, a single point of contact like Logient, whose team of experts masters 360-degree cloud management and whose reputation in the field is well established

What Are the Advantages of Entrusting Your Cloud Management to the Logient Cloud Team?

  • Save time and resources by offloading your daily, weekly and monthly cloud management
  • Ensure the quality and safety of your installations by handing over the task to experts who handle this type of intervention on a daily basis, which your automation experience will benefit from (repeatable elements, automated templates, redundancy in the event of a change of resources, etc.
  • Take advantage of Logient’s strong skills in all spheres of the cloud field and multicloud, PaaS, SaaS and serverless expertise

A Vast Expertise at Each Step of Delivery

Logient has been a pioneer in cloud technologies starting not only by deploying a virtual machine (IaaS) in the cloud, but also native applications and by leveraging cloud services and components on cloud platforms (SaaS, PaaS). For a business that is used to managing the entire infrastructure lifecycle, we quickly found that using SaaS and PaaS platforms gave us more flexibility, faster time to market and much more robustness and safety. Since 2015, the vast majority of our applications are built in the cloud. Over the years, we have developed solid expertise at every stage of project delivery and created foundational practices around the full software lifecycle.

Our R&D projects not only touch classic components of cloud platforms but also complex DevOps pipelines, IOT components and more. We believe that the approach needed to build a solid software is a mix of custom software to integrate and match the specific business requirements with best of breed products and components to leverage advanced software functionalities thus improving dramatically the client’s return on investment not only by reducing upfront costs but also maintenance cost. Our services want to be full and outstanding regardless of the technologies or platforms that are needed.

Cloud Infrastructure Maintenance

Let Logient support you throughout the entire cycle of your application or solution, from its design to the adaptive, preventive and scalable maintenance of its infrastructure!

While companies specializing in the different stages of the cloud computing cycle don’t necessarily talk to each other, you will have to manage multiple suppliers, while with Logient, a single point of contact will ensure the security and reliability of your operations!

With cloud management, you won’t need to modify your IT infrastructure and machines and perform software updates to your infrastructures, since they will instead be done automatically, as for the latest security patches to be applied. Load balancing, when configured, will also be conducted by your cloud provider.

Logient can, however, assist you with cloud maintenance, in particular with regard to:

  • Rotation of secrets, certificates and keys
  • Update of IaaS environments
  • Application of new cloud resources in security (e.g. GuardDuty for AWS and Advisor for Azure)

For more information about application maintenance, security, bug fixing and the evolution of your applications, refer to our software maintenance and technical support section.

Trust our IT specialists for the maintenance of your applications and the performance of your cloud infrastructure.