Stephen Diamond Appointed As Logient’s Engineering Vice-President


Logient’s executive team is growing with the appointment of Stephen Diamond as Vice-president of Engineering. In doing so, Logient continues to focus on development and innovation, values at the heart of its diversified service offering.

Stephen Diamond joined the Logient team in 2012 and has served in multiple strategic roles including architect, COO for all technology groups and Director of Solutions. With nearly 20 years of information technology experience, Stephen has a solid technical background in development, migration and architectural design. He has overseen hundreds of large projects in various industries, giving him extensive knowledge of the entire software lifecycle. Known for his proximity to clients, he masters the art of translating business needs and responding to them through the development of creative solutions.

“In this new role, Stephen’s mandate is to advance and drive the technological strategy. In particular, he will have to monitor the market, select the best tools and oversee the design or integration of solutions for our clients. His curiosity about new technologies, coupled with his in-depth technical knowledge allow him to solve problems in a realistic and innovative way. This appointment helps strengthen Logient’s positioning as the one-stop-shop for the development and integration of technological and digital solutions.”, declares Vincent Godcharles, CEO of Logient.

Good luck with this new challenge Stephen!