Software engineering: At the heart of our DNA


ERP, CRM, WMS, LMS, CMS, IoT, ATS—the era of IT is not short on acronyms. As a manager, it can be difficult to navigate such a complex ecosystem of tools and solutions. What will actually increase productivity or create a competitive advantage for your organization? Is there a technological solution, and is it compatible with the tools already in your IT environment? How much will it cost to set up and maintain?

At Logient, our software engineering team can answer these questions and help address the complexities of your digital transformation. That’s because software engineering has been at the heart of our DNA since our company’s creation in 1998. Thanks to our depth of technical expertise—and our experience with organizations like yours—our experts can quickly identify technical issues and business opportunities.

Together with our consulting service team, our software engineers use a specific methodology that allows you to see if a potential tool will align with your business objectives—before you make a commitment.

When your digital transformation roadmap requires the expertise of multiple experts and multidisciplinary teams—such as programming, software implementation, interface design and data science—our software engineering team can also help to maximize the synergy between these stakeholders. So, no matter the size of your digital transformation, you always have an expert who understands your business objectives and ensures consistency across projects.

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