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UX, UI and CX

The specialized division of Logient, Poudre Noire, includes twenty experienced resources available for all your user experience (UX), user interface (UI) or customer experience (CX) projects, whether B2B or B2C. Thanks to different canvases, they produce innovative, creative and efficient wireframes based on design thinking concepts that will propel your business! 

The Design of Experiences and Interfaces According
to Logient

The users of your platforms, as well as your clients, are constantly evolving, just like the environments they use. Its therefore natural to regularly review your client journey to ensure that it meets all expectations and needs. 

Whether through the technologies used, the digital or physical tools or the environments served, let Logient map and maximize your customer journey so that it reflects the breadth of your ambitions and your distinction on the market! 

Unlimited Growth

Thanks to our client-centric approach (design thinking), we define with you, from the start, the challenges and needs of your users as well as your technological and innovation realities. 

Without neglecting any detail, we validate and rework the basics of your project and avoid potential errors or omissions by identifying the ideal solution for you. Thus, we eliminate the points of friction and optimize customer service and the overall experience of your users. Then, we accurately represent with user-friendliness your unique business model, ready to grow without limits! 

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