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Customer Experience (CX)

At the heart of Design Thinking—which is our CX methodology—we find your clients, their needs, and the issues they need to solve. By adopting an approach that centers on your clients, you’ll be able to map all your customer journeys. 

When should you interact with them? Who is involved? What tools are they using? How does their experience unfold? 

We can identify all these obstacles and inconsistencies within the global experience and recommend effective tools to eliminate them. The result is a reimagined customer journey that fits seamlessly with your business model, as well as a portfolio of digital projects that are ready to be implemented. 

Our Services

  • CX research combining internal knowledge (interviews and workshops) with the perspective of real clients and users (VoC and ethnography) 
  • Ideation and co-creation workshops based on Design Thinking 
  • Service design and prototypes 
  • Analysis, implementation, and tracking of key performance indicators for the customer journey 
  • Mapping, audit, and benchmarking of current customer journey 
  • Creation of web or marketing personas 
  • Automation and digitization of CX processes 
  • Omnichannel UX strategy including a vision, clear objectives, CX artifacts, roadmap, and a portfolio of prioritized projects 

User Experience (UX)

The number of contact points across your customer journey increases dramatically with the implementation of digital tools and channels at your disposal. Whether you have a showcase site, an eCommerce platform, a customer space, a portal, or a newsletter, today customers expect any interface to meet their needs and solve their issues. 

In other words, over and above aesthetics your interface must be built so that clients can achieve their goals quickly. To do so, our UX experts will base themselves on your business model, customer journey, and best industry practices in order to structure your data and content, as well as recommend architecture that is customized and accessible. 

Our Services 

  • Tree structure 
  • Tree structure and functionalities 
  • Information and content architecture 
  • Wireframes 
  • Usability test 
  • Audit of existing interface and benchmarking 
  • Navigation profile and heatmap 

Design Interface (UI)

UI is the step that ensures visual and ergonomic uniformity of the customer experience across all digital platforms. By basing themselves on solid architecture, our digital art direction team will use your brand book and graphic charter to create a graphics look that reflects current trends. 

The art direction team will then work with our development team throughout the programming of your platform to ensure the design reflects all approved mockups—on desktop, smartphone, and tablets. 

Our Services

  • Audit of existing interfaces 
  • Design of web, eCommerce, and portal interface 
  • Design of portal and Intranet interface 
  • Design of newsletter and marketing tools 
  • Digital art direction 
  • Digital adaptation of your brand 

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