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Business Strategy, Governance and Compliance

Evolve your business strategies to significantly improve your productivity. By organizing your strategic actions and implementing sound governance, the relationship between data, strategy and use will increase the value of your knowledge.

The implementation of a strategy and a governance are done in various stages:

  • Work sessions
  • Planning and organizing
  • Change management
  • Implementation

A reliable reporting structure

Once your data has been collected and organized, it is imperative to design a reliable and solid reporting structure. The Logient team relies on 6 major report components to improve your business intelligence.

  • A better understanding and greater control of the processes in place and their interactions
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Optimizing the efforts of your team
  • Building a scalable data environment
  • Obtaining detailed reports for informed decision-making

Data Governance and Compliance

Logient first analyzes your existing context, in order to better understand your needs.  Then we will issue specific recommendations about the targeted deployment strategy and the data security verification process.

Start your technology project the right way with our governance and compliance services: strategy, roadmap, metrics, glossary, policies, procedures, roles, data audit, enterprise adoption and change management, training and compliance, and data security.

Did you know?

Did you know that Logient also supports you with the integration of Business Apps? You can rest assured that all your tools will be perfectly integrated with each other.

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