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Embedded Systems

Do you want to gain control over your equipment? Do you sell physical equipment and hardware? Are you experiencing technological delays you want to catch up on or would like to be innovative in developing new responses to your clients’ business needs? In addition to our multiple teams specialized in software developmentLogient offers a group of talented resources in embedded systems. 

We are therefore able to develop programming, configuration, monitoring or diagnostic tools as well as embedded user interfaces to make it possible to use a touch screen on the connected device or simply for a more professional rendering of the embedded system’s characteristics! 


What Is an
Embedded System?

Look around you! Anything that emits short beeps has an embedded system. It is an electronic system that allows a certain control to obtain information, without a computer, in a component on which a program runs in order to add intelligence to the object limited in memory and speed. 

Some examples of embedded systems
or products:

  • Computers without screens (cars, microwave overs, air conditioning, etc.) 
  • Buoys for tracking of weather patterns, oil spills and ocean currents 
  • Smart thermostats 
  • Smart clothes to measure the pulse 
  • Smoke detectors or security detection devices 
  • HVAC control devices 

And what about the 5G?

As connected objects take our lives by storm and 5G technology spreads rapidly, there is more and more talk about edge computing. 

We offer a range of services to successfully develop your embedded projects

Proof of Concept 

Fast prototyping 
Virtual prototyping 
RCI analysis 
Feasibility studies  

Low Layers

Communication protocols 
Real-time software 
Chip systems, multiprocessors, microcontrollers 

Embedded Software

Embedded Java 
Service layers 
Optimization, profiling, debugging 
Embedded Linux  

Turnkey Solutions 

Customized equipment 
Product integration 
Visual systems 

Tests and Visualization

Virtual platforms 
Virtualized tests 
Network tools 
Continuous integration 
Business tools 

Systems Design 

ALM and agility 
Systems integration 
Cloud computing 
Data analysis 
Monitoring and diagnosis 

Our experts are at your service.