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Tailor-made solutions to innovate and digitize your business processes

Custom Software Development

To stand out in your industry, you have to be better, different, competitive, unique… Your applications, platforms and software should be too!

Nowadays, there are few solutions that are completely created from scratch. Companies specializing in software development generally favour integrations of already existing and functional solutions and components, best of breed, in order to minimize development costs and subsequentmaintenance time. The creation of completely custom software is also an option with which Logient can help you, in accordance with your needs.

From a Pre-Made Solution to Customized Development

Each business is unique. But should all systems and software from those same companies be customized as well? Why choose a preferred solution rather than custom developed software?

Logient supports you in your reasoning about whether you should keep what is in place, optimize it, revamp it, or start from scratch. Our concern: make your investments profitable without slowing down your technological innovation. Our experts will be able to analyze the situation and review your technological choices, perform code audits, question your business goals and recommend the best path to achieve them.

All Services Under one Roof

Since Logient stands out thanks to its tailor-made, custom digital and technological business solutions and its experts master the greatest number of technologies in Montreal, the partnership between Logient and your team will take the form of a “one stop shop” collaboration. You will have access to all the necessary services under one roof. Experts will be able to analyze the situation and determine the most suitable technology for a sustainable and efficient system. The experience and curiosity of Logient experts are a force that ensures that any software will be designed with the most efficient combination of technologies, tools and methodologies to respond to your real goals.

An Integration of Several Best of Breed Solutions is a Custom Business Solution

Maximize offered existing platforms and all investment in research and development, opt for quality.
Once you have selected these platforms, it will most likely be necessary to link them to the systems already in place using custom APIs. Logient is in charge of developing these connections and thus ensuring the exchange of information between systems
Take advantage of automated updates and avoid the obsolescence of your platforms, amplify your investments

Why Choose a Fully Customized Software Development Solution

Provide an extraordinary customer experience with a custom application or software that stands out from your competitors or optimizes the business processes for your employees
Finally find an answer to your specific needs or your unique requests to which the software on the market simply does not answer
Modern custom applications focus on serverless architectures to free you from managing their infrastructure, which helps lower operating costs

Why Choose us to Develop Your Applications & Integrate Custom Software

Because at Logient, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter projects!

Our team provides you with a rigorous, proven and standardized software development process. At the heart of our portfolio are a wide range of experiences similar to the nature of your project and in-depth vertical knowledge of a multitude of technologies and languages.

Each project is unique, and we know it, since we manage ourexpériences clients et employés and employee experiences ourselves!

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