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Code Audit

Would you like to make sure that you are on the right footing in order to continue developing your application or solution? Trying to find the source of a complex bug? Want to know if your application can quickly be scaled? Do you have doubts about the work accomplished and would like to ensure the quality and robustness of your code? Opt for a timely code audit by the experts of the Logient team!

What Is a Code Audit?

Code review, validation, or auditing is the analysis of an application’s source code to determine whether it meets development, security, and compliance standards. By going through the code of a software or application, we identify vulnerabilities so that we can properly correct flaws, spot bugs and ensure that no good business practices are overridden. A code audit assesses each critical component and at the same time lowers the risk levels of your projects.

Why Carry Out a Code
Audit or IT Audit?

Various reasons motivate companies to turn to an external code audit like the one that Logient offers to its clients. Among those:

  • Facilitate a migration to the cloud
  • Deploy the solution on a large scale
  • Perform due diligence in a company acquisition
  • Evaluate how feasible it is for an application to evolve
  • Facilitate a transfer to a supplier
  • Facilitate an internal reorganization
  • Detect the reasons behind bugs
  • Validate the quality of the development of the solution
  • Evaluate the technical debt and maintainability of the application
  • Identify security-related vulnerabilities
  • Obtain a better return on investment than with penetration testing

Code Audits Adapted
to Your Reality

As with the entire range of our services, Logient offers different variants of code audits that meet your specific needs, tailored and made to measure according to your objectives and budgets.

From summary assessment to in-depth DevSecOps assessment, our deliverables car include, but are not limited to:

  • Security profile
  • Risk report
  • Copy of SonarCloud results
  • Audit of vulnerabilities and dependencies
  • Result of security and load tests
  • Estimation of costs related to scale requirements
  • Recommendations
  • Presentation of the results


Entrust the state-of-the-art proofreading
of your source code to our experienced team.