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Make better business decisions with data

Data at Your Service

Your information systems collect a multitude of data points which sit in your databases. To become useful and serve in the process of decision-making, this information should be consolidated, organized, and interpreted. Logient’s service-offering facilitates all processes related to business intelligence with its team of dedicated analytic experts. Logient’s service-offering covers from the ideation and strategy to the security and deployment phase of your projects.

Perfect Your Strategy with Data

With the integration of a data component in your business model, organize strategic actions and implement a governance plan. Data will be your best ally to increase the value of your knowledge.

Strategy and governance plans are integrated through various project phases.

  • Work sessions to determine your business needs
  • Planning and organizing your data operating model
  • Creation of a change management and compliance plan
  • Governance implementation

Management, Analytics, Modernization & Prediction

Managing data and knowing how to interpret it are skills that our specialists have developed over many projects they have carried out. Our dedicated teams can support you either in the implementation of technical solutions, in the automation of your business processes, in the analysis, modeling and predictive capabilities of your data. Today’s companies’ performance is more than ever based on how it leverages its data.

  • Data modeling
  • Advanced statistical analyzes
  • Building descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive tools
  • Development, deployment, and integration of AI services

What is a Data Audit

An audit is the process of conducting a full analysis of your data to gain a deep understanding of its nature, and to determine its quality level.

Following the audit, Logient will come with technical & strategic recommendations to ensure a dynamic improvement of your data exploitation and facilitate the implementation of a monitoring process to identify risks & opportunities.

A data audit includes an assessment of the following components:

  • Data quality
  • Migration strategy
  • Compliance and security
  • Performance
  • Current architecture and solutions

Why Perform a Data Audit

There are several reasons why you could need a data audit, including the following:

  • Plan and facilitate an internal restructuration
  • Initiate a digital transformation and increase the digital value of data
  • Ensure a governance plan that considers your data accessibility, integrity and security
  • Create relevant data model based on your business objectives


Data Audits Adapted to Your Reality

Logient offers various types of data diagnostic, tailored to your needs, goals and budget. Select the audit that’s right for you:

  • Analysis of the existing situation
  • Data source analysis
  • Data profiling
  • External data source automation review
  • Assessment of the data entry mechanism
  • Data integrity and quality check
  • Analysis of Artificial Intelligence (AI) needs
  • BI coverage analysis of source data
  • Data governance analysis
  • Data management analysis
  • ETL model and performance analysis
  • Master data and metadata management system

Data Governance & Compliance

First, Logient analyzes your existing context to better understand your needs. Then, we will issue specific recommendations about the targeted deployment strategy and the data security verification process.

Start your technology project the right way with our governance and compliance services: strategy, roadmap, metrics, glossary, policies, procedures, roles, data audit, enterprise adoption and change management, training and compliance, and data security.


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