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We live in the age of data, where any organization that doesn’t take advantage of the power of data risks losing a significant competitive edge. But how can data really help your business? Is your company’s current data sufficient to meet your business needs? How do you even begin to create a data strategy? And, finally, how can you ensure that every investment you make delivers real, measurable value?

Our mission is to guide you through every step of your analytical transformation—from strategic support to the deployment of the most effective solution to meet your needs.

Thanks to our team of data experts, we can assist you in the evolution of your Business Intelligence (BI) and analytical practices, and even help guide you step by step towards BI.

Perfect Your Strategy With Data

Data is a powerful tool when it comes to improving the efficiency of your business strategies. By organizing your strategic actions and implementing good governance practices, using your data will increase the value of your knowledge assets.  

We integrate the best data practices for business strategies by supporting you from the start: 

  • Workshops to determine your business needs 
  • Planning and organizing your data operating model 
  • Creation of a change management and compliance plan 
  • Governance implementation

Management, Analytics, Modernization & Prediction

Becoming “data-driven” can bring about incredible change within your organization. Whether that change is large or small, understanding the impact it can have on your team and existing technology is an asset when it comes to planning for the long-term. We can conduct a technological audit—which includes a comprehensive analysis of everything from your data to your technological architecture solution—that will deliver more in-depth understanding.  

Our experts will analyze: 

  • Architecture and current solutions 
  • Data quality 
  • Migration strategy 
  • Conformity and security 

Following our evaluation, our team will provide a complete picture of our technological recommendations. This audit will facilitate the implementation of a strategic monitoring process in order to identify opportunities as well as current and potential risks—all so you can invest in the most promising projects. 

Ad Hoc Data Audits Adapted to Your Needs

We offer different types of data audits that are adapted and personalized to your specific needs and based on your goals and budget.  

  • Audit of existing systems 
  • Data source analysis 
  • Data profiling 
  • External data source automation review 
  • Assessment of data collection mechanism 
  • Data integrity and quality check 
  • Analysis of Artificial Intelligence (AI) needs 
  • BI coverage analysis of source data 
  • Data governance analysis
  • Data management analysis
  • ETL model and performance analysis
  • Master data and metadata management system

Why Perform a Data Audit

There are several reasons why you could need a data audit, including the following:

  • Plan and facilitate an internal restructuration
  • Initiate a digital transformation and increase the digital value of data
  • Ensure a governance plan that considers your data accessibility, integrity and security
  • Create relevant data model based on your business objectives


Data: From Management to Analysis, Modernization, and Prediction

No matter your level of technological maturity, our expert teams are here to provide strategic support in the implementation of concrete solutions. They will accompany you in the automation of your business processes as well as your data analysis, modelling, and forecasting capacity. They will also help you to democratise data for your teams or clients, no matter the size of your project.  

  • Data modelling 
  • Advanced statistical analysis 
  • Creation of descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive tools 
  • Development, launch, and integration of AI services 

Our Selection of BI Services

What can data do for you, and what needs to happen before beginning a project? 

01. Strategic support (linked to data) 

02. Technological audit (audit of existing systems to predict impact) 

03. Different stages of maturity and related approaches (descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive) 

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