The Logient Hackathon 2018, a stunning challenge of technological innovation!

Corporate culture

On Thursday, June 14th , Logient closed its offices at 9am sharp to fully invest in the innovation, creativity and genius of its employees.

During a 27-hour programming marathon, eight teams comprised of developers, quality assurance (QA) managers, product owners, scrum masters, and analysts competed in a friendly competition, where specialists in finance and human resources as well as account managers were also involved.

The goal? To produce a functional application prototype, such as a Web site, a connected object or a mobile application, that supports everyday life.

The result? Simply amazing! The teams made outstanding creative efforts and demonstrated a great deal of ingenuity in designing equally interesting solutions.

Proud of the seriousness of its people in light of the magnitude of the challenge and the resulting deliverables created by the various teams, Logient intends to seriously evaluate the marketability potential of these solutions in the near future.

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