Groupe AZUR Joins Logient


Since starting Groupe AZUR over 20 years ago, our goal has always been to help clients in the development of innovative web-based software. The philosophy we share is simple: Providing clients and partners with the best technological solutions will help build long-term competitive advantages.

Keeping that philosophy in mind, we invested heavily in research and development over the last six years. First and foremost, we wanted to be a forerunner in the low code/no code movement, enabling more companies to quickly and effectively implement solutions that meet their business needs. We also wanted to help clients add value to their data by offering artificial and business intelligence tools. This led us to gain experience in the configuration and personalization of software packages, like those offered by Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.

At the start of 2022, it became obvious that, for Groupe AZUR to reach the next step and drive our clients’ success, we’d need to partner with a company that shared our unique ambitions. That’s when we turned to Logient, a growing software engineering company with a depth of expertise and skills in data science and web development. This initial partnership turned into an acquisition agreement and finally a merger between both organizations last year.

Since joining Logient, we have expanded our service offer, providing software package implementation and personalization to even more businesses. We can also rely on a group of 350 specialists to help complete every project from end to end, thanks to strategy, engineering, business intelligence, and web-development services.

For our clients and partners, this means more access to experts in various fields as well as a better understanding of their digital ecosystem. And when it comes to our team, we now collaborate on a wider variety of projects with plenty of new opportunities to work with different teams.

We are now able to pass the baton to the next generation of technologists, allowing us to focus on projects close to our heart.

Welcome to Logient!