Flexible and scalable management solutions for your organization


Integrated management tools such as ERP and CRM have become essential for organizations of all sizes, across all sectors. Whether in finance, sales, customer service, marketing, human resources, IT or procurement, the right solution is essential to the proper functioning and optimization of your organization, helping you make better business decisions.

With major investments in the management solutions industry over the past two decades, more and more options are available that offer flexibility—without having to resort to exorbitant budgets or multi-year implementation cycles. Today, you can quickly and easily roll out tools such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power BI and Salesforce CRM. This approach comes with many benefits: You’re able to access processes already modelled on best business practices, you can accelerate your implementation and adoption cycles, and you can facilitate change management, all while reducing long-term maintenance costs.

At Logient, we recently merged our talents with AZUR Group, a Canadian company that specializes in the deployment of Microsoft and Salesforce tools, with a specific idea in mind: to offer business solutions to our customers that can be quickly and efficiently implemented in their day-to-day activities. In this way, we quickly create value with rapid gains in operational efficiency that translate into a strong return on investment.

Our team, which now consists of more than 75 experts, offers a wide range of services, from mapping business processes to selecting and implementing tools for optimization and maintenance. With a personalized approach, we’ll help you create a flexible and scalable solution that’s truly adapted to your business needs. So, whether you’re rolling out a new tool or replacing an existing one that hasn’t evolved with your activities, our qualified team is here for you.

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