Creating Tech Efficiency



What a year of change this has been! As we approached our 24th anniversary, we led three acquisitions, introduced new shareholders, implemented a new management team, and upgraded our service offer. With this burst of renewal came an opportunity to really reflect on what Logient is today and what Logient can become tomorrow—never losing sight of our commitment to providing clients with the best possible value.

These were the questions my team and I had in mind as we rethought our strategic planning in terms of our company’s positioning and brand image. And today I am proud to share with you the fruits of our collective labour.

Our new positioning is much more than a logo. It’s an ambitious and mobilizing new vision, a culture of learning, a value system that better reflects our team, and a service offer adapted to the constantly evolving needs of our business partners.

Our new positioning is our way of welcoming hundreds of new colleagues from three recent acquisitions: Groupe Azur, Bulldozer, and Poudre Noire. Every one of these organizations embraces a strong entrepreneurial spirit and will seamlessly join their immense talent, expertise, work methods, and unique culture with ours. It’s the sum of these cultures, fused with our own, that is reflected in our new identity.

Our new positioning is also an affirmation of who we are today, while continuing to embrace who we were yesterday. Software engineering remains essential to our DNA, with organizational strategy, business intelligence, data science, design experience, improved processes, and the implementation of technological tools and platforms rounding out our offer. Being able to rely on our 350 experts collaborating across five business centres on three continents has armed us with the tools needed to be recognized internationally—and to become your next strategic partner in digital and technological transformation.

As a collective of strategists, creators, and engineers, Logient is a driving force for companies looking to evolve. By uniting our strengths, our collective expertise allows us to face complex business challenges and develop innovative solutions that drive even the most ambitious of organizations.

Our purpose: to create tech efficiency.

Welcome to Logient!

Vincent Godcharles
President and Chief Executive Officer