Bulldozer Joins Logient


When we started Bulldozer in 2014, our primary goal was to accelerate our clients’ web development. Believing that the deployment of an international force would best serve our mission, we opened an office in Quebec and Tunis the same year, allowing us to make the most of two time zones and a team of diverse, highly qualified talent.

This solid base enabled Bulldozer to launch and fine tune a delivery methodology that met our clients’ growing need for flexibility and speed. The hundreds of partnerships we’ve developed over the last eight years have proven that our processes, offer, and philosophy fully met our initial mission.

As managers, we were ready to move on to the next step—namely, to mobilize teams and expand our international presence. Healthy growth depended on our ability to have the means to fulfill our ambitions, and the idea of a partnership opened that avenue for us.

We have been collaborating with Logient since early 2021, and it has felt like a natural fit from the start, largely thanks to similar human-centred cultures and delivery processes. Clearly, both companies complement one another on many strategic levels. On one hand, Logient brings stability, depth, and shared services. On the other, Bulldozer offers our unique delivery methodology, overseas presence, diversity, and intercultural understanding.

As we finalize our fusion with Logient, we can now access a much larger business network, provide our teams with more international mobility, and enable our managers to focus on what’s most important: delivering quality projects. Teaming up with 350 additional specialists enables us to provide clients with a more comprehensive service offer thanks to complementary expertise in engineering, business intelligence, and software implementation.

For both of us at Bulldozer, this represents a key opportunity to continue growing within Logient while adding our own brand of success. As Vice President of International Development, Sabeur will search the globe for our next business opportunity, while Mathieu will take charge of delivery teams for the entire group as Vice President of Operations and a member of the management team.

We are grateful for having been part of your projects for the last 10 years, and look forward to collaborating with you once again so that, together, we can continue to increase technological efficiency.

Welcome to Logient!