Accelerating business performance with Logient's SAP solutions


There’s no doubt that enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is the heart of an organization’s business. This powerful tool helps coordinate various functions and departments of an organization so operations can run efficiently, optimizes processes, generates returns and even fosters innovations. It provides executives and managers a complete, real-time picture of the organization, allowing them to make optimal business decisions.

While there are several ERP solutions on the market, one of the most powerful and robust is the S4/HANA suite, which is offered by SAP, a leader in this sector for more than 40 years. This cloud computing solution efficiently centralizes data from various functions and departments of your organization and allows you to access it up to 3600 times faster than traditional databases. As a result, you can analyze all aspects of your business in depth thanks to the complex queries that SAP S4/HANA can execute in less than a second.

Logient’s SAP team is composed of around thirty seasoned experts, each of whom possesses more than 15 years of experience with this solution. This allows us to support our clients in their digital transformation at all stages of their organization’s ERP maturity. Our team offers consulting services for logistics processes like procurement (P2P), for the implementation of SAP Signavio, for developing extensions with SAP BTP, including integrating systems (Tel Salesforce) and applications, as well as API management.

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