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Product Owner (PO) as a Service

Not all companies have this expertise in-house. Logient offers a product manager service to ensure the success of your project! The latter will go to your offices to work with your teams and units. It is also possible to use one of our managers or product owners to train and advise your internal resources on industry best practices. 

What Is Logient’s Product Owner (PO) as a Service Offering?

Here are some of the benefits of our portfolio of support and product owner as a service (PO as a Service) offering: 

  • Training and consultation service and additional coaching at the most opportune moment throughout your internal processes 
  • The assurance of a quality solution that will meet the needs and greatly facilitate the development of the project as well as the final satisfaction of stakeholders 
  • Needs clearly communicated to the development team even if you have few resources to allocate to the project or limited technical skills, minimizing the risk of deviation from the latter 
  • Ainitial investment profitable throughout the project 

What Is a Product Owner (PO)?

A product owner, also called a PO, has a clear vision of the product affected by your project, what needs to be accomplished and how it needs to evolve. The PO is responsible for the success of the product at all stages of its design or modification. 

Generally, this resource has strong entrepreneurial skills and is visionary decision maker. As a business expert, his good technical skills allow him to maximize the value of your product. He or she is also the owner of the SCRUM and/or Agile work framework and states the definition of ready and the definition of done, the DOR and DOD. Responsibility for the framework rests with the product owner, but the execution and redistribution of project tasks remain variable depending on the decisions of the project team. 

The product owner ensures that the product vision is understood and put into action, thereby maximizing return on investment. In addition, he or she actively participates in retrospective sessions, makes sure to maximize the ROI of a feature as opposed to its impact on the product, what would be the options, the approximate cost and if there is a cheaper workaround in order to make decisions based on results. In a context of agility, the PO sometimes plays a role similar to that of an analyst in determining and describing business needs. The product owner (PO) also takes care of feeding the project backlog for the next sprints. 

In short, the product owner is the representative of the client’s needs within the project! 

How Does Logient Stand
Out as PO as a Service?

Thanks to the wide variety of projects it manages and technologies it masters, the Logient PO team is able to understand, translate and interpret your business needs and transmit them to the technical teams and decision makers by simplifying them according to the level of involvement of each person. 

Our years of experience with various projects, technologies, industries and project scales ensure control of speed, timing and quality. These elements contribute to the success of your product by limiting unforeseen risks, as does the support of our internal project office dedicated to the efficient management of your project. 

Each Project Is Unique

At Logient, we understand that each project is unique, which is why we offer an intervention according to your real needs. Would you like to share responsibilities with one of our resources in order to train them at the same time, but remain accountable for the task? Would you like to welcome one of our experts within your project team to take on this role? Would you rather outsource the product owner function due to your capabilities and availability? We are here for you, whatever your preference, and we can even support you in making decisions about the best engagement model for your business! 

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