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PMO Experience, the Logient Project Office

At Logient, we understand that each project is unique; This is why our experienced project office team (PMO) offers you its expertise according to your very specific and evolving project management needs. Would you like to completely outsource the management of your projects within our PMO team? Would you like to welcome one of our experts to your project team to take on this role? Would you like one of our experts to train you on best practices? We are here for you, whatever your preference, and we can even support you in making decisions about the best engagement model for your business!

The Project Office Service Offer,
As Support or Mentor?

Coaching, supporting, optimizing or taking over your management and governance of a project, program or portfolio, these are a series of business needs that our Logient PMO team meets. Our rich experience allows us to understand, translate and interpret your business requirements and transmit them to technical teams as well as to your decision makers.

Our team is made up of project managers, product managers and PCOs. Thus, we master all the specialized expertise to support you according to your needs, according to your preferred methodology, whether in Agile, Waterfall, Kanban mode. Each expert will adapt to the way you work and your environment, whether in the office, working from home or in hybrid mode.

It is also possible to use one of our managers or product owners, business analysts or quality assurance analysts to train and advise your internal resources on industry best practices, make you autonomous as a project manager or to optimize your project office methodologies. We can join your team as support or as a mentor!

Our Diversified Governance and Project Management Offer, According To Your Needs

Here are a few examples of our range of services in project and program management, as well as governance support:

  • Training, consulting services and additional coaching.
  • Implementation of a governance structure and recommendations according to industry best practices.
  • Project audit (management, project progress, recovery, getting back on track).
  • Help with the daily management of projects.
  • Establishment of a project office and development and adaptation of models.
  • Outsourcing of project management, whatever their size.
  • Support professional services (Project Manager as a Service, PCO as a Service and Product Owner as a Service).

The Advantages of Our Project Office (PMO)

The Logient PMO experience offers you:

  • The assurance of a quality solution that will meet your needs and greatly facilitate the development of the project as well as the final satisfaction of stakeholders.
  • Needs clearly communicated to the development team even if you have few resources to allocate to the project or limited technical skills, minimizing the risk of deviation from the latter.
  • A profitable initial investment throughout the project.

Project Management: How Does Logient Stand Out?

Our years of experience in various projects, technologies, industries and project scales ensure control of project speed, timing and quality. These elements contribute to the success of your product by limiting unforeseen risks. Our internal project office remains dedicated to the proper management of your project, regardless of its chosen level of involvement.

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