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Mobile Application Development

Logient develops mobile applications according to your needs, without limits, and offers tailor-made services under one roof for the creation of your Webapps and native, hybrid, multiplatform (cross-platform) or progressive applications.

Support From A to Z

Depending on the desired operating systems (iOS, Android or Windows), we ensure your satisfaction and alignment with your business objectives, from needs assessment to conceptual UI/UX, adapting to creating a back-end and even hosting, if desired. Our mobile application development experts also support you in refining, updating and evolving your already created mobile applications to help you perform and reach your target clients.

Did you Know?

Our client, Intact Financial Corporation, won the Public’s Favourite IT award in 2018 at the OCTAS awards ceremony thanks to the BÉLAIRdirect mobile application project, carried out in collaboration with Logient.

Mobile Development for Businesses

The quantitative explosion of digital data is transforming mobile development into a convenience, or even a necessity to exchange in real time in a world where everyone is permanently attached to their smartphones or tablets.
Do your on-the-road employees need access to portions of your website or to data taken from your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software?
Would you like a business mobile application to increase the productivity of your employees and collaborators?
Are new work and mobility contexts (geolocation, augmented reality, offline support, integration with back-end systems) forcing you to reexamine the way you use this data?
Do your clients require a personalized storefront or portfolio to communicate with you?
Would you like to create an internal management control tool accessible at all times?

Supported by a Seasoned Team

Why not create a multi-platform mobile application or even develop a smart watch application that would allow you to take advantage of all this information while simplifying the lives of users, whether they are customers or employees?

Internal development requires a skilled IT department and is expensive. You already take care of your core business of which digital development is not part. Entrust your mandate to experts to ensure its success.

Already renowned in web development, Logient deploys innovative and powerful mobile applications for iOS, Android or Windows according to industry best practices. These help companies juggle the multitude of data in their possession in order to distinguish themselves, regardless of the target clientele —businesses (B2B) or consumers (B2C)— while meeting a growing need among mobility proponents.

Development of Mobile Applications for Connected Objects

Smart and connected mobile devices communicate with humans, transmit and process data. With the arrival of 5G, we can only predict an explosion of connected objects. Their evolution is already phenomenal and limitless. Be part of the movement with a scalable, adaptable and flexible mobile solution optimized for new technologies and systems of tomorrow.

Among these devices and connected objects:
Smartphones that allow you to communicate by voice or image or to do banking transactions
Probes used in a factory to measure the temperature of machines
Clothing that hydrates, refreshes or speeds up tanning
Data sensors which track the speed of rotation of car wheels
And much more

Infinite Possibilities

Thanks to our IoT service and our and complementary teams working in conjunction with the mobile and web application development team, possibilities are almost endless.

To maximize the use of these mobile and connected objects, Logient is able to develop mobile applications that meet specific needs —or crazy ambitions!— which connect to other mobile applications, new or existing.

Choosing the Right Type of Mobile Application

In any case, before embarking on the development journey of a mobile application, you must take the time to properly determine needs and resources. Choose wisely! Our strategic and technological support and assistance service ensures you adequate follow-up, in-depth analysis, budgetary evaluation of your sites and applications as well as the guarantee to ask you the appropriate questions to be able to .

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