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SAP PI/PO/Cloud Integration

Information technology (IT) continues to revolutionize business processes and day-to-day operations. However, this implies that companies must continuously adapt to stay on the cutting edge of their industry. Logients in-depth skills and vast expertise in integrating SAP PI/PO/Cloud solutions allow any business client to not only keep their systems up to date, but also to connect them in order to increase their performance and efficiency! 

An Asset for Your
Business Goals

More specifically, Logient has significant expertise in integration, developmentmigration, self-management and technical support services for SAP solutions, integrated management software (ERP), the world leader in business applications. 

SAP has developed several business process integration solutions. They offer advanced technologies allowing them to connect various applications and business processes in order to increase their efficiency. Starting with SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI), SAP Process Orchestration (PO) software and now SAP CPI (Cloud Platform Integration), our proven expertise is an asset for your business objectives! Process Integration Using SAP PI (SAP NetWeaver Process Integration)

Process Integration Using SAP PI
(SAP NetWeaver Process Integration)

The component of the SAP platform in Process Integration (SAP PI) may be used in your organization. If so, we can offer you our expertise to support it or to extend its capabilities with new or existing systems. Thanks to our SAP experience, you can count on our efficient teams if you want to migrate to SAP Process Orchestration platforms or even to SAP Cloud Platform Integration. 

Process Orchestration Using SAP PO
(SAP Process Orchestration)

SAP PO (Process Orchestration) software is installed in thousands of companies around the world. If your company needs to integrate different applications, this component that we have mastered over several years is crucial to your success. 

It is possible to speed up your business processes while maintaining your current systems. Logient is developing APIs to facilitate the exchange of information between different systems (agnostic programming) and thus optimize the productivity of the company. 

Surround yourself with seasoned professionals to make your integration project a success; contact us now. 

(Cloud Platform Integration)

At the heart of the SAP environment, several solutions allow you to integrate your different applications, develop interfaces with the outside world and build innovative applications. SAPs Cloud Platform Integration solution adds endless possibilities to your systems and processes, but most importantly, enables you to easily exchange data in real time. Logient offers unparalleled expertise with this component thanks to its highly qualified teams. 

Our seasoned experts are able to support all your needs related to the following three modules of the integration suite: 

  • SAP CPI integration (Cloud Platform Integration) 
  • SAP API Management module, SAP API Portal, SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit, which allow you to extend your solution to others through a powerful connection 
  • Custom development in Java for the back-end using the Cloud Platform suite and SAP Fiori for the front-end. With SAPs offering using Cloud Foundry, the possibilities become endless 

The SAP Cloud Platform offers advanced features to help you maximize your investment. Logient assists you in this process in order to derive all the advantages and benefits. 

Your Connectivity Needs

In addition to mastering all technological languagesLogient has a team specialized and certified in process integration and development that can meet multiple needs in terms of connectivity: 

  • AMS support  self-managed service 
  • ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)/SOA (service-oriented architecture) 
  • BPM (Business Process Management) 
  • Operation and creation of Odata services 

Your Sap Business Needs

Whatever your business objectives and your technological needs in solution integration, we can help you, for example with: 

  • Recycle or improve an existing system 
  • Manage the prioritization of connectivity 
  • Integrate various systems to create a unique and efficient solution 
  • Create coexistence of a Web application and a mobile application using your business management software platform 
  • Migrate from one version of the components of SAP Integration to another 
  • Develop innovative applications using the SAP Cloud Platform development platform 

Let’s discuss your plans. Our team is ready to help you.