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Technology Solutions That Meet Your Business Needs

The market includes many technological tools, all offering slightly different functionalities. Logient experts can help you select the right solution that will support your needs, your business objectives, and compliant with your current ecosystem.

Some of our services:

  • Solution architecture conceptualization
  • Selection of BI tools adapted to your reality
  • Integration within the technological environment

Did you know?

Did you know that Logient also supports Business Apps integration? Be assured that your tools will fit perfectly within your technology stack.

Implementation of Traditional, Integrated, or Self-Service Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions

Business intelligence software – or Business Intelligence (BI) – allow to collect, analyze and store data from all the platforms or applications used by your company. Once integrated into your technological ecosystem, this tool centralizes your data, and provides you with real-time comprehensive analytical reports, which simplify your business decision-making. Our experts can help you select the right tool that is best suited to your needs, whatever it may be.

Now that your data has been collected and organized, it is time to design a reliable and robust reporting structure. Logient relies on five fundamental practices to improve your business intelligence.

Once the best strategies to adopt are highlighted by our experts, Logient will create this reporting solution to easily visualize the past, current, and projected performance of your company, through comprehensive and precise dashboards. It will allow you to gain an in-depth knowledge of your business reality, clarify your predictions, and base your hypothesis on actual numbers. You can now take business decisions on reliable data, and your competitive advantage is enhanced.

  • Performance optimization strategy
  • Report optimization process
  • Data valorization
  • Analysis and prediction using Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Knowledge transfer documentations and a data literacy program

Solution Architecture & Data Modeling

A robust architecture and an ongoing monitoring of data platforms are your best allies to consolidate your strategic information, to clarify it for communication purposes and to ensure a scalable structure. Logient’s seasoned architects can recommend cutting-edge solutions that meet your business objectives.
Our services include:
Data acquisition mechanisms
Data automation and optimization (DataOps)
Solution architecture
Technology watch and selection of solutions and tools
Data migration plan
Data warehouse and data lake architecture
Data integration and visualization platform
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