Prototype for a mobile application to track, record, and analyze human body movements via a suit equipped with sensors.

In accordance with their mission to reduce injuries, and improve performance in every aspect of human movement (work or sports), Heddoko wants to develop a system that will allow movement data to be captured, and will transform it into usable information.

Mobile application
Distribution and Manufacturing


An intelligent combination incorporating movement sensors paired with applications which, based on data collected, measure human movements in four phases: evaluation, intervention, prevention, and re-adaptation.


The Heddoko System:

Records muscle fatigue and the amount of pressure applied to the joints
Warn of incorrect movements
Increase the user’s understanding of their own body
Support coaches, trainers, and instructors in the evaluation of athletic performance during exercises by providing real data
Offer greater flexibility to athletes in deciding when to train thanks to the creation of reports that can be consulted as needed from any kind of device

About Heddoko

Heddoko transforms data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into…wisdom. Their objective: to help humans move forward.

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