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Following the implementation of a new identity and access management system, the Bell Access Request System (BARS), Bell decided to rethink its approach to user support.

The distribution of help documents onto different platforms makes searches difficult. The consequences?

  • Inefficient loss of time
  • Increased call volume to the technical support center
  • High level of effort needed to update numerous documents, both in French and in English, each time the system would go through a change
  • Difficulties in adequately communicating changes
Technology integration
Medias and Telecommunications


In order to assist users in quickly finding answers to the questions, the Atlassian Confluence collaboration tool, a business wiki, was selected from a range of possibilities. This solution provides:
A powerful search engine
User guides
A section dedicated to the transmission of information to users regarding breakdowns, planned interruptions to the BARS system, as well as any problems encountered, all in real time


The wiki assembles all information the user needs in one place, thus also assisting in a reduction in the number of calls received by the technical support center.

Resorting to the wiki pages, rather than to documents, greatly simplifies updates and diffusion of information.

About Bell

A telecommunications enterprise, Bell offers a complete range of broadband communication services to its residential and business clients. The company is comprised of 55,000 employees, 17,000 of which work in Quebec.

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