Development Studio: For robust, adaptive and quality code


Regardless of your sector or industry, code is at the heart of your business activities. Whether managing inventory, finance, operations, sales or customer relations, various software systems are in constant communication—thanks to millions of lines of code.

When you purchase software, however, the code is generic—it’s never fully adapted or customized to your organization. But your unique combination of software, platforms and IT tools is what sets you apart and even creates your competitive advantage. As a result, it’s imperative that systems communicate with each other effectively, without interruption and with as little human interaction as possible.

That’s where Logient’s Development Studio can help. For more than two decades, Studio has been at the heart of our business. Today, we have more than 200 developers across 10 teams in Montreal, Quebec and Tunis, Tunisia, offering a wide range of programming services. Thanks to their experience and specializations across technology platforms, our developers can adapt quickly to the needs of your organization. And with an international presence, we can offer flexible development schedules and accelerate the deployment of your projects.

Whether for the maintenance or optimization of your existing tools, or for the implementation of new tools, Logient’s Development Studio is there to offer robust, adaptive and quality code. In close collaboration with our engineering, strategy, design and digital performance teams, our developers ensure your code is aligned with technical recommendations, business requirements and industry trends to offer a solution that will not only meet your objectives, but also the needs of different users.

Welcome to Logient!