Desjardins’ Momentum Fund:
Up to $10,000 to Grow Your Business


Fostering regional economic development and the hiring of employees, the Desjardins Momentum fund allows businesses to apply for financial assistance. As such, the Momentum fund provides financial stimulation to organizations that invest in their growth in order to secure their future.

Desjardins supports projects at a quarter of their value, i.e. they offer organizations 25% in financial support, up to a maximum of $10,000, within the framework of a $10 million enveloped distributed until 2022.


Financial Assistance Aligned With Our Values

If you’ve been following the Logient blog for a while, you know that technological innovation and digital transformation are at the heart of our ideology, as is the importance for us of supporting our clients in selecting the best investments for their business needs.

This is how Momentum fund can help you, because innovation, digital transformation and investment in talent are among the nine streams for applying for this financial help. It is also possible to submit projects that cover:

  • Succession planning.
  • Development of new markets and industries.
  • Purchase and development of energy-efficient equipment.
  • Implementation of physical distancing and ergonomics.
  • Psychological help.
  • Business transformation for those who would like to pivot.


For more information on the Momentum fund or to submit a project, contact your account manager or your Desjardins Business centre.

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